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Surprise your loved one with a romantic holiday at a hotel for couples in Cesenatico.

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Bike use (47)
24H Reception (19)
Sea view (25)
Farm-to-table cuisine (20)

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Il Battello
Family HotelFor Couples
Il Battello
Excellent locationExcellent locationUnique roomsUnique roomsQuietQuiet

Opening: Year – round

from € 60 B&B
Hotel Gattuccio
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Gattuccio***
Parking includedParking includedGood cuisineGood cuisineBeach includedBeach included

Opening: from 18/05 to 16/09

from € 55 Half board
Hotel B&B Gladys
Family HotelFor CouplesSport Hotel
Hotel B&B Gladys**

Opening: 24/04 to 15/09

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Hotel Verona
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Verona***
Excellent CuisineExcellent CuisinePleasant outdoor spacesPleasant outdoor spacesPositionPosition

Opening: Form 19/05 to 17/09

from € 70 All Inclusive
Hotel Sogno
Family HotelFor CouplesPet hotel
Hotel Sogno***
Central locationCentral locationChildren animationChildren animationExcellent CuisineExcellent Cuisine

Opening: From 06/04 to 17/09

from € 70 All Inclusive
Hotel Renzo
Family HotelFor CouplesSport Hotel
Hotel Renzo***s
Close to the BeachClose to the BeachRooftop PoolRooftop PoolExcellent CuisineExcellent Cuisine

Opening: From 05/04 to 18/09

from € 75 Full board
Hotel Lungomare
Family HotelFor CouplesSport HotelWith Wellness Center
Hotel Lungomare****
First line sea frontFirst line sea frontSpaSpaBike hotelBike hotel

6 offers available

Opening: From 11/03 to 12/11

from € 69 Full board
Hotel Embassy
Family HotelFor CouplesWith Wellness CenterPet hotel
Hotel Embassy***s
By the seaBy the seaWarm poolsWarm poolsAll inclusiveAll inclusive

Opening: from 17/05 to 15/09

from € 60 All Inclusive
Hotel Lalla Beauty & Relax
For CouplesSport HotelWith Wellness Center
Hotel Lalla Beauty & Relax****
La Perla Wellness CenterLa Perla Wellness CenterCentral LocationCentral LocationHeated poolHeated pool

Opening: From 01/03 to 06/01

from € 60 Half board
Grand Hotel Cesenatico
Family HotelFor CouplesSport HotelPet hotel
Grand Hotel Cesenatico****
Beach frontBeach frontBeachBeachSwimming poolSwimming pool

Opening: From 01/05 to 02/10

from € 80 B&B
Hotel Diplomatic
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Diplomatic***
Strategic LocationStrategic LocationGrab & DrinkGrab & DrinkReserved ParkingReserved Parking

Opening: from 19/05 to 15/09

from € 59 Full board
Hotel Esplanade
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Esplanade***
Sea viewSea viewZero-kilometer cuisineZero-kilometer cuisineRelaxation on the RooftopRelaxation on the Rooftop

Opening: from 28/03/2024 to 22/09/2024

from € 66 All Inclusive
Hotel Michelangelo
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Michelangelo****
Family HotelFamily HotelAdult and Children's PoolAdult and Children's PoolExcellent cusineExcellent cusine

Opening: From 18/05 to 31/10

from € 60 All Inclusive
Hotel Residence Villa Lily
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Residence Villa Lily***
Central LocationCentral LocationParkingParkingPet FriendlyPet Friendly

Opening: from 01/04 to 30/09

from € 500 weekly
Hotel Abel & Residence
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Abel & Residence***

Opening: 24/03 - 22/09

from € 75 All Inclusive
Hotel Croce del Sud
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Croce del Sud***
Excellent locationExcellent locationLove for good foodLove for good foodWake up by the seaWake up by the sea

Opening: From 19/05 to 17/09

from € 80 All Inclusive
Hotel Admiral
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Admiral***
All InclusiveAll InclusiveParkingParkingLocationLocation

Opening: From 01/04 to 30/09

from € 59 All Inclusive
Hotel Donatello
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Donatello***
Central locationCentral locationSecure ParkingSecure ParkingExcellent CuisineExcellent Cuisine

Opening: from 20/05 to 15/09

from € 72 Full board
Hotel Turquoise
Family HotelFor CouplesPet hotel
Hotel Turquoise***s
Gluten-Free HolidaysGluten-Free HolidaysChildren's ServicesChildren's ServicesOutdoor SpacesOutdoor Spaces

Opening: From 01/05 to 25/09

from € 45 Full board
Hotel Excelsior
Family HotelFor CouplesSport Hotel
Hotel Excelsior***s
Seafront Pool ParkSeafront Pool ParkExcellent raw materialExcellent raw materialServices for CyclistsServices for Cyclists

6 offers available

Opening: from 08/05 to 21/09

from € 65 Half board
Hotel Principe
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Principe***
LocationLocationParkingParkingAll inclusiveAll inclusive

Opening: from 25/03 to 30/09

from € 59 All Inclusive
Duca di Kent
Family HotelFor CouplesSport Hotel
Duca di Kent***
Buffet di Soft DrinkBuffet di Soft DrinkLocationLocationAll-Inclusive PackageAll-Inclusive Package

Opening: from 01/06 to 24/09

from € 60 All Inclusive
Hotel De Blasi
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel De Blasi***
CuisineCuisineLocationLocationAll InclusiveAll Inclusive

Opening: from 18/05 to 30/09

from € 55 All Inclusive
Hotel Apollo
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Apollo***

Opening: from Easter to September

from € 60 Full board
Villa Lina Ricci Curbastro
Family HotelFor CouplesPet hotel
Villa Lina Ricci Curbastro*
Central locationCentral locationAuthentic Romagna cuisineAuthentic Romagna cuisineParkingParking

Opening: From 10/06 to 10/09

from € 55 Full board
Hotel Brasilia
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Brasilia**
Excellent cuisineExcellent cuisineFamilies servicesFamilies servicesPet holidayPet holiday

Opening: From 19/05 to 10/09

from € 49 Full board
Hotel Bisanzio
Family HotelFor CouplesPet hotel
Hotel Bisanzio***
Private beachPrivate beachCentral Location with ParkingCentral Location with ParkingGarden View PoolGarden View Pool

Opening: from 01/04 to 30/09

from € 60 Full board
Hotel Jole
Family HotelFor CouplesSport HotelPet hotel
Hotel Jole***s
Comfortable locationComfortable locationIndoor parkingIndoor parkingGenuine cuisineGenuine cuisine

Opening: From 07/04 to 31/10

from € 39 All Inclusive
Nido Suite & Apartments Cesenatico
Family HotelFor CouplesPet hotel
Nido Suite & Apartments Cesenatico***s
Late breakfastLate breakfastPet friendlyPet friendlyGreenGreen

Opening: From 27/05 to 01/10

from € 30 B&B
Hotel Stefania
Family HotelFor CouplesPet hotel
Hotel Stefania***
Soft All InclusiveSoft All InclusiveSea FrontSea FrontPool and gardenPool and garden

Opening: from 15/05 to 10/09

from € 65 Full board
Hotel Gioiello
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Gioiello***
Excellent locationExcellent locationOutdoor areasOutdoor areasExcellent CuisineExcellent Cuisine

Opening: From 09/04 to 20/09

from € 55 Half board
Hotel Metron
Family HotelFor CouplesPet hotel
Hotel Metron***
CuisineCuisineLocationLocationPet friendlyPet friendly

Opening: from 29/03 to 14/09

from € 55 Half board
Hotel Cavour
Family HotelFor CouplesSport Hotel
Hotel Cavour***
Quality CuisineQuality CuisineLocationLocationServicesServices

Opening: From 27/05 to 10/09

from € 69 Half board
Hotel Stacchini
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Stacchini***
Large garden with swimming poolLarge garden with swimming poolProximity to the BeachProximity to the BeachFamily servicesFamily services

Opening: From 21/04 to 30/09

from € 58 All Inclusive
Hotel Iride
Family HotelFor CouplesWith Wellness Center
Hotel Iride***
Relax in SpaRelax in SpaCuisine km 0Cuisine km 0Beachfront LocationBeachfront Location

Opening: From 18/05 to 17/09

from € 54 Half board
Hotel Colorado
Family HotelFor Couples
Hotel Colorado****
Frontline on the BeachFrontline on the BeachGarden with poolGarden with pool2 Parking Areas2 Parking Areas

Opening: From 18/05 to 12/09

from € 90 All Inclusive
Hotel Giove
For CouplesSport Hotel
Hotel Giove***
Sea front roomsSea front roomsHomemade CuisineHomemade CuisineSea view roomsSea view rooms

Opening: From 19/05 to 17/09

from € 61 All Inclusive